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In Conversation with

Dane Kennedy, At Politics & Prose, D.C. (May 13, 2017)


C-SPAN Book TV –With Lewis Lapham (NYPL, May 10, 2017)

Dr Alvin (May 29, 2017)

Marc Bernier Show (Florida, June 22, 2017)

PittWire (June 2017)


Q&A with [re]enact magazine (Syracuse University, June 2017)

Check back soon for:

  • Q&A with LennyLetter
  • Interview with KAZI Book Review’s Hopeton Hay


On tour:  a great honor to be in conversation with Lewis Lapham, of Lapham’s Quarterly, to launch Scars of Independence. Discussion continued over signing. New York Public Library, May 10, 2017.

American Philosophical Society, at America’s birthplace just after Independence Day  (July 6, 2017)


To learn how famous figures and lesser-known characters featured in Scars of Independence experienced the violence of revolution and war, please click here for illustrated mini-biographies.

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